Peregrinação, empoderamento e retrocessos no acesso a medicamentos por via judicial no estado do Amazonas - Brasil




This thesis analyzes a specific group: citizens that had access to medication through court orders, due to constitutional rights related to health care, access to public services, and medical treatment, which includes medication. The qualitative approach was used as method. Data was collected through interviews with ten public health care users in Manaus. Graphic representations were used to describe the long process citizens need to fulfill in order to have access to medication in the State of Amazonas, the identification of the empowerment verified during this process and its reflex on the users comprehension and perception that judiciary involvement is necessary for medication access. The search for court orders on health care was responsible for improving the users knowledge on the system and their rights, which empowered them. Having learned the right path for better health care access, they began to understand the Brazilian United Health Care System, the Judiciary and its means. However, the relationship of submission between the State and the citizen remains, the comprehension of social rights is still seen individually, not for the society as a whole


right to health care access access to medication equity in health care access direito à saúde equidade em saúde acesso a medicamentos saude publica

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