Os socialistas na Argentina (1880-1980). Um século de ação política / The Socialist Party in Argentina (1880-1980) a century of political action




The object of this thesis is the study and analysis of the evolution processes of the socialist political parties in argentinian politics during a century (1880 to 1980). We can even now notice the absence in the academic level of a minute and coherent analisys of the hole picture involving the organizations that took part in the formation of the Socialist Party (PS). The same happens in the multiple divisions and mergers or the various political, social and cultural aspects involved in its praxis. So, this thesis has two objectives, in a way, tends to cover the absence of academic literature about the subject and, in another sense, cooperate with the reconstruction of the working clases memory history. It draws the relation between the argentinian socialist parties, the marxism and its social and economic impacts in Latin America, and, finally, the mayor argentinian political processes like the radicals, the peronismo, the conservatives and the military.


formação econômico-social argentina political system. social and economic formation of argetina socialist party partido socialista sistema político. argentinian political processes processos políticos argentinos marxismo na américa latina marxism in latin america

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