O estágio supervisionado e suas implicações no projeto ético-político do serviço social


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




This dissertation talks about the practical experience with Obligatory Supervised Practice from the Social Service course at UFPB and its implications for the project Projeto Ético-Político do Serviço Social Brasileiro. Throughout the historical dialectical method it was able to go beyond the immediacy plan and understand, through experiencing, much more than the necessary parameters of this discipline. The subjects involved in this research were the field supervisors, academic supervisors, Social and Studies Practice laboratorys Coordinators and Social Service Regional Councils Representatives, the two last were responsible for this practical discipline coordination in the Social Service course at UFPB and for supervising the practices, respectively, and also students of the discipline Estágio Supervisionado II of the same course. Based on this important step for the construction of a good professional carrier taken as constituted and part of different complexes, therefore, as part and result of a long historical development, inherent to Social Service; Inserted in society taken as historical totality. Throughout the development of this research it was tried not to lose the focus on socio-historical changes and analyze the profession according to the development of the professions dimension, focusing more on the professional buildings dimension. From this comprehension we try to interpret the ideas that the researched subjects had about a groups of categories, which indicates knowledge and comprehension about the context in which the profession is inserted in the market, and also the conditions and rationality that this profession is submitted. All of these steps had as a parameter the project Projeto Ético-Político. It also compared the organizational aspects of the Supervised Practice from UFPB to the existent curriculum guidelines and normalizations. Through this experience much was seen about the advances of supervised practice in the course of Social Service at UFPB, and also check if the Project Projeto Ético-Político do Serviço Social Brasileiro is happening well. Another perspective enabled us to find the functionality of the supervised practice at the researched university, and it does not comply with the recommendations presented in the National Supervised Practice Politics and in the Curriculum Guidelines, resulting in fragility in the process of building this profession, and consequently in the project Projeto Ético-Político da Profissão.


práxis cotidiano projeto Ético-político do serviço social estágio supervisionado servico social supervised practice projeto Ético-político do serviço social everyday praxis

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