Narcisismo e Apassivação




This work is based on the fact that the process of becoming passive is present in psychotic, melancholic and depressed patients. This process implies a lack of investments from an active subject. As a result, it causes a modification to an object position, in which the psychism remains without leading actions for an active and independent existence. The aim of this work is, therefore, to link the I illnesses with the constitutive process of narcissism. In order to do so, we emphasized the modifications which occur with the pulsional movements of these illnesses, through a linguistic analyzes, linking these illnesses with the process of becoming passive. We analyzed this process and its relationship with the psychic illness in three different approaches. First, they are studied by a linguistic aspect, highlighting mainly the structural and semantical aspects of the verbal grammar in passive voice. After, the constitutive aspects of the I are related to verbal voices, and it is highlighted, by a psychoanalytical aspect, the narcissism issue and the process of becoming passive. At last, the voices transformations in the illness pulsional circuit are analyzed through clinical examples. We verified that there is a specific relationship between the verbal voices with each constitutive moment of the I and there is a bond between the regressive forms of the I with each process of becoming passive, in different narcissic illnesses. In addition, the relational deictic me/myself, which is noticed in these patients speeches, may be considered an adviser of the regressive process and of the process of becoming passive.


language becoming passive psicologia linguagem melancolia apassivação psychosis narcissism narcisismo psicose melancholy

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