Mother, child and Down Syndrome. / A mãe, o filho e a Síndrome de Down.




The objective of this study is a psycho-analytic investigation about mothers experiences with Down syndrome children. This research consists of individual open interviews with four different mothers. After each meeting, a psycho-analytic narrative with the goal to learn the fields of life-related psychology was recorded. In this context eventual behavior of overcoming dissociation becomes evident. Two fields were found: The loss of the perfect child and Whats going to happen to my child once I am not there for him any longer? The outcome showed evidence that the mothers who were interviewed have developed different emotional survival strategies which helps them to maintain a special maternal pre-occupation for a long period of time.


síndrome de down psycho-analysis psicanálise relação mãe-filho psicologia mother-child relation narrativas down syndrome narratives

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