Morfometria testicular em ratos wistar adultos tratados com paracetamol (acetaminofeno) / Testis morphometry in adult Wistar rats treated with acetaminophen




Acetaminophen is non-prescrition analgesic and antipyretic considered safe and well tolerated in therapeutics doses, but it might cause hepatic and extrahepatic damage in animal and human models exposed to high doses. The chronic use of paracetamol in supratherapeutics doses has been implied in testicular lesions and sexual behavior alterations in animal models. In this study, the effect of chronic use of therapeutics and supratherapeutics doses of acetaminophen over corporal and testis biometry and tubular and intertubular compartiments in Wistar rats on reproductive age was evaluated. Thirty five rats were used, divided into five groups with seven animals each: group one (control) received fructose syrup oral solution; animals from groups two and four received daily doses of acetaminophen 57 mg/kg diluted in fructose syrup oral solution; groups three and five received 114 mg/kg doses of the same. After fifty three days of treatment, groups one, two and three were euthanized, while groups four and five were kept for another fifty three days, receiving just water and ration. The chronic treatment with acetaminophen caused reduction of testis somatic index, seminiferous epithelium thickness, seminiferous tubule volume, tubule somatic index, independently on used dose, however, only onto animals euthanized fifty three days after the end of the treatment. A significant late reduction was also observed in the seminiferous tubules volume, testicles total mass, testicle parenchyma mass, conjunctive tissue volume, Leydig cells nucleus volume, Leydig cells nucleus diameter, leydigosomatic index and somatic index of vesicular glands in the group of animals chronically treated with acetaminophen in supratherapeutic doses. The datas above suggest that the chronic use of acetaminophen may lately affect the spermatic production, independently on used dose, and the androgens production by Leydig cells, in supratherapeutics doses.


spermatogenesis rodents espermatogênese acetaminophen acetaminofeno biologia geral roedor

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