Migração de sistemas legados para ambiente de suporte a projetos e operação




Information Systems are essential for corporations. Particularly at design and operational support areas of telecommunications companies, information systems are the competitive advantage. These systems must be :flexible, stable and reliable in order to support a great volume of transactions in a mission critical scenarÍo. This is not the common environment within corporations. There is an expressive amount of inflexible, nondocumented, unreliable systems which bear costly maintenance and evolution. The solution for this situation is the migration of these legacy systems into a new integrated and distributed environment that can also be used by other corporate systems. The abrupt migration ofthese systems could not be successful due to a lack ofknowledge about them. The incremental approach is more appropriate in these cases. This dissertation shows a methodology for migrating legacy systems that support design and operational environments in an incremental mode. The methodology is validated by a case study within the context of SAGRE - a system which support geographic operations, projects and information, developed by CPqD


sistemas de informação geografica banco de dados engenharia de software

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