Medos, mimos e cuidados. Leituras úteis para educar as mães : os guias maternos brasileiros (1919-1957) / Fears, pampering and care. Useful reading to educate mothers : brazilian maternal guides (1919-1957)


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The Brazilian publishing market in expansion since the first decades of the XX Century has incorporated at its own manner the speeches produced either by the hygienist movement as well as by those who understood upbringing as a way to regenerate a nation, leading it into progress and modernity. Written mostly by pediatricians, mother guidebooks were part of a collection that was intended for the education of the population. Despite the references contained in such publications regarding the scientific procedures related to children upbringing, identifying such publications as useful reading material allowed for analyzing them as one of the medical practices directed to women, in order to spread familial behavioral models that would guarantee the generation, the healthy development and upbringing of the Brazilian children. This work adopts, as its main theoretical reference, Roger Chartier s contributions about the history of books and reading, and Michel Foucalt s contributions to the understanding of power mechanisms over the populations, defined by the author as biopolitics. Production processes and indications of circulation of mother guidebooks were regarded to as fundamental elements to the understanding of the diffusion of representations over the women, the children and their upbringing, according to models proposed by medicine, as part of a bigger process of intervention in the Brazilian society. At the same time, the analysis of the reading prescriptions contained in the text and graphic characteristics of such printings allows for the approaching of the practices proposed to mothers. Due to this reason, mother guidebooks that form the corpus of this survey, published between 1919 and 1957, have been taken both as subject and as source of study. Among the raised issues, the main inquiry is concerned with how much space such printings might have taken in the process of diffusion of hygienic practices regarding either the care with the child s body as well as the child s upbringing based on medical recommendations. The privileged treatment given to woman readers beginning with the redesigning of maternal functions, according to scientific principles, also allowed for questioning the representations that might have been produced about the women s reading, published by authors and publishers of such guidebooks that have been studied, based on the insertion of different text and graphic devices.


leitura guias etc mães - livros e leitura higiene infância história da educação mulheres motherood mothers hygiene childhood history of education women reading maternidade - manuais

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