Management degree identification method (MDIM) for production activities involving cut flowers / Metodo de identificação do grau de gestão (MIGG) nas atividades de produção de flores de corte




Floriculture is considered one of the most important segments of Brazilian agriculture, not only because of significant financial resources involved and the amount of manpower employed, but also for the growing potential it presents, due to low per capita internal consumption and export possibilities. Therefore, questions such as quality and management are fundamental, so that the sector can develop and reach this growth potential.The production of cut flowers is one of the activities of the Agro-Industrial System of Flower culture technically and economically most promising.This study is centred on the first stage of this activity, i.e., the rural production, for reflections of the implementation of concepts and practices of agribusiness management at this stage, aiming at the obtaining of high quality products and adequate post-harvest life span, permeate the sector as a whole.The objective of this paper was to develop a method to be used by producers of cut flowers to identify the managerial degree of their activities and enable them to adopt the fundaments, criteria and practices of quality management, leading them to structure their business as an organized enterprise. The criteria recommended by the National Quality Foundation as the base line to be followed for the selection, establishment of priorities and hierarchy of themes and managerial indicators to be adopted in the new method were used to develop this new method.A questionnaire was compiled using specific methodologies to collect primary and secondary data, plus the Delphi technique which was employed to establish priorities and hierarchy of parameters of the management of an agricultural enterprise. This questionnaire was distributed to 41 experts in the cut flowers sector, both private and belonging to public institutions dedicated to research, development, innovation and rural activities. Once set up the hierarchy of the parameters, they were transformed into objective questions used to construct a second questionnaire to be filled in by the organizations directly involved in the activity. This questionnaire, associated to a score table, indicates the managerial maturity degree of the organizations and points out the opportunities for process improvements. This model was called Management Degree Identification Method (MDIM). The MDIM was applied to 14 organizations involved in the cut flower activity in São Paulo State in Brazil. The consistency in the answers obtained indicates that the method that was developed is adequate to quickly identify and evaluate the management degree in the production of cut flowers at a low cost.


floricultura competitividade economia agrícola gestão da qualidade competitiveness quality management floriculture agribusiness

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