La labor tutorial y su impacto en la formación científico-investigativa inicial del docente


Educ. Pesqui.




Abstract This article presents the results of a doctorate research that studied the tutoring process in the initial scientific research formation of education professionals in Cuba, taking into account that scientific research constitutes one of the essential components and content of one of the functions carried out by teachers after graduation. In this scenario, personalized tutoring plays an important role as it should guarantee, beginning with the attention to the needs and potentialities of the tutored student, the development and systematization of the system of knowledge and research abilities to be utilized when carrying out the scientific research work. Responding to this necessity, a methodology that contributes to improving tutoring in the initial scientific research formation of education professionals is presented. Methods of theoretical, empirical and statistical levels were used. The practical significance of this research lies on the procedures for the projection and execution of the tutorial work. The evaluation of the methodology was carried out through the application of experts´ criteria and the analysis of the data obtained from the development of a pedagogical pre-experiment. Results allow to assert that effectiveness in tutorial action with the application of the proposed methodology is achieved , allowing the tutor professor to guide student through a helping relationship that guides the student´s development and supports his or her needs in scientific research activity, so that it contributes to the systematization of the student´s abilities in this direction.

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