La enseñanza universitaria y su extensión en comunidades de frontera: un proyecto dirigido a promover políticas sociales para el ciudadano como usuario de información y lectura






This paper's objective is to discuss the project titled `To promote the citizens` access and use of information in the community: Rivera _ Library Studies' extension program for the career (2002 _ 2004)'. This project abides by college traditions and extension policies of the Universidad de la República. Thus, it strives to form and consolidate an Extension Unity at the EUBCA, to promote college teaching integration, and contribute to the social benefits derived from recovering community spaces. The project's theoretical foundation is based on the universal right-to-information principle as a social right, which has an essential role when it comes to exercising the citizenship. In Uruguay's areas of critical social conditions, social public policies are indispensable; such policies, which are instrumental in development strategies, might also consolidate the political citizenship and help building the social one. Based on the principle that the individual has the absolute right of access, use and appropriation of information and, as a citizen, should exercise such right, the proposal intends to promote public policies that will satisfy the citizen's information needs. The Community Information Services (SIC) and the incentive for reading centers or communal libraries are models to be built locally with social participation and the university's commitment. Designed as an extension and investigation prototype project for the Library Studies career, it started in August 2001 in the cities of Rivera and Tacuarembó (Uruguay) as well as in Santana do Livramento (Brazil). The present difficulties demand that the students be introduced to the society and their necessities; as well as that teaching and research be integrated into the Uruguayan social environment. Such participative dynamics would benefit all involved, through an exchange of know-how and experiences.

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