La Educación Física y su inserción en el campo de la Salud Colectiva en Brasil: en búsqueda de un diálogo crítico sobre interfaces, pertenencias y sentidos


Physis: Revista de Saúde Coletiva




This essay aims to rise a critical reflection about the health and body conceptions in the Brazilian Physical Education (PE), also examining its limitations and necessities in the thematic researches linked to this conceptions, with the objective to suggest contextual elements to approach the area with the Collective Health field. More recently PE has been inserting in public health services as systematic physical activities (PA) promoter. In the some way, PE and PA have been considering the same. This paper aims to question this misunderstanding, although it recognizes discipline historic traces of PE in its militarist genesis which partially justify this reductionism comprehension. It also proposes a brief analysis about the "body-health-market" theme. Finally, it shows that the constitutive premises of Collective Health can offer valuable epistemological and political perspectives to legitimate researchers and professionals of PE as promoters of ethical knowledge and body practices in health, respecting and considering socioeconomic and cultural diversity in their interventions in the population.

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