Inteligência competitiva e mudança organizacional: uma validade de modelo em grupo industrial




These days, the success of a company increasingly depends on its business strategy. One structural component of strategy is certainly the adjustment between its primary and supporting activities. This supposes that operational effectiveness alone does not determine the success of the business. Synchronization between this and the business strategy of the organization is necessary. Information technology (TI) has acquired a pivotal role in this context because it is the mechanism that enables realization of the strategy, i.e. it is the mechanism that allows for internal adjustment in the chain of value in the organization and the forces at work in its environment, guaranteeing that the organization creates competitive advantages. In this role, TI must be viewed as an enabling system for the entire organization, and not just as mere infrastructure. Thus, as a system, TI acquires functions of competitive intelligence, because the internal synchronization of its processes and the external effectiveness of the business depend on the adjustment and usefulness of the environmental information made available through TI. Synchronization between business strategy and TI infrastructure (i.e. the internal TI strategy) was tested previously in a company that is a leader in its business sector, Cramer S.A., indicating an exceptional level of synchronization. The objective of this research is thus to verify whether, given the synchronization between business strategy and Ti, the latter fulfills the functions of competitive intelligence. In order to orient this verification, the System Process of Competitive Intelligence Model (MOSIPIC), of Riccardi and Rodrigues (2003), by means of questionnaires with closed questions, with evaluation on the Likert scale, was used. Verification will be made for all of the Business Strategy Units of Cremer S.A.


administracao de empresas produtividade industrial concorrência eficiência industrial tecnologia da informação inteligência competitiva competitive intelligence information technology tecnologia da informação

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