Influence of wood pallets in the behavior of drive-in racks with one level of loading / Influencia dos paletes de madeira no comportamento das estruturas de armazenagem do tipo drive-in com um nivel de carregamento




This dissertation?s intent is to investigate experimentally the influence the wood pallets exert on the behavior of the drive in storage racks with one level of loading. To consider the pallets as roller supported on both rails of the structure implies in not to consider the influence of the friction between the pallets and the rails in the behavior of the structure, and thus the results obtained by the theoretical model of analysis may lead to results that may differ from the observed in the real structure. With the aim of investigating this influence in conditions as close as possible to the reality, two frames resembling those supplied by manufacturers were tested with three sort of pallets, each one with characteristics and dimensions resembling the pallets utilized by users, but with different resistance and inertia in comparison with each other. The same pallets were tested in the same frames, but this time on rails with an abrasive surface to verify the possible differences in displacements between the structures loaded with pallets on smooth surfaces rails and between structures loaded with pallets on abrasive surfaces rails. Furthermore, the frames were subjected to a suspense load with the aim of simulating the theoretical model of analysis. Each arm were tested with vertical forces of 245N, 490N, 735N and 980N. It was considered also the horizontal force of 1,5% of the vertical force acting on the frame to take into consideration the lift truck operation. With the aim of measuring the linear and angular displacements of these frames, two dial gages were positioned at the top and one was positioned at the bottom of each column. The readings of all linear and angular displacements at the end of the columns were useful for evaluating the bending moments, the horizontal and vertical reactions acting in each one of the end of the columns of these frames. The 8 elements considered (3 pallets on smooth surface rails, 3 pallets on abrasive surface rails, 1 suspense load and 1 for the Slope-Deflection Method) were combined in groups of 3, so that the influence of the wood pallets in the behavior of drive in racks can be investigated through the variance analysis with 5% in the level of significance


etc.) cargo handling materiais - manuseio etc.) handling of materials cargas - manuseio armazenamento e transporte de cargas storage armazenagem paletes (transporte storage and moving trade pallets (shipping

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