Influence of Crystallization and Ageing Time on the Reproducibility of Mesoporous Molecular Sieve SBA-15


Matéria (Rio J.)




ABSTRACT The study aimed to assess how the crystallization and ageing times in SBA-15 synthesis influence the reproducibility and particle size of mesoporous molecular sieves. X-ray diffraction showed that higher crystallization times provide greater reproducibility of mesoporous silica, due to the fact that there is no significant variation in the width and intensity of peaks, while the same is not true for shorter crystallization times. Ageing time does not seem to exercise a significant influence when higher crystallization times are used in the synthesis. Scanning electron microscopy observations revealed that shorter crystallization times led to larger crystals in addition to the formation of large agglomerates, whereas with higher crystallization times the trend is to obtain smaller and more uniform grains. It is proposed that hydrogen bonds may be responsible for the formation of smaller particles and it is also established that depending on the synthesis conditions the reproducibility of the process can become low.

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