The adjuvant effect of the mesoporous nanostructurated SBA-15 silica in immunizations by the oral route. / Efeito adjuvante da sílica mesoporosa nanoestruturada SBA-15 na imunização pela via oral.




The nanostructured SBA-15 silica is a polymer that due to its physicochemical properties shows great potential as a mucosal adjuvant. Immunization by the oral route of mice with Hepatitis A vaccine or human gama globulin adsorbed/encapsulated in SBA-15 revealed increases in the IgG e IgA specific antibody titers and showed that this silica does not interfere in the polarization of TH1 or TH2 immune responses. Flow cytometry assays demonstrated that SBA-15 was efficient in the recruitment of phagocytes and in the increasing numbers of B and T lymphocytes in Peyer´s patches and mesenteric lymph nodes of immunized mice, promoting the proliferation of immunocompetent cells. Subcutaneous administration of SBA-15 in the genetically selected mice for high [AIRMAX] or low [AIRMIN] acute inflammatory responses indicated the low inflammatory potential and the non-toxicity of this nanoparticle. Results ascertain that SBA-15 silica is an effective and safe adjuvant especially in immunizations by the oral route.


adjuvantes imunológicos antibodies immunology imunologia nanoparticles vaccines imunização oral inflamação nanopartículas inflammation anticorpos adjuvants vacinas oral immunization

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