InfluÃncia da argamassa de revestimento na resistÃncia à compreensÃo axial em prismas de alvenaria resistente de blocos cerÃmicos




Since the 70s, buildings called âcaixÃesâ began to be built in a large scale, made of resistant masonry with up to four floors, in the Metropolitan Area of Recife. Itâs known that these constructions were built without technological basis and necessary technical rules, national and international ones. Itâs noticed that these constructions and the material used for building them â especially the ceramic blocks destined for impeding, with horizontal holes â donât have the necessary requirements to be considered structural. The calculus of resistance to wall compression of these kinds of buildings built with this type of masonry proves to be insufficient to resist the efforts they are submitted, especially on the ground floor. It means that these buildings donât have normative evaluation of stability. Consequently, itâs necessary to investigate the aspects of the process, trying to find possible aspects that are of influence in the resistance to compression. This project has the aim of studying the influence of the revetment in the resistance to axial compression in the masonry walls, used with structural function, and using ceramic blocks with horizontal holes. With the aim to get to know the necessary knowledge of the behavior and intensity of the revetment contribution to this mechanical property, we had prisms, which are extremely relevant to the stability of the edification. It was verified that the revetment building cement contributes, in a substantial way, in the resistance to the axial compression of this kind of masonry. Consequently, experimental investigations are necessary to these buildingsâ rehabilitation, mainly in the Metropolitan Area of Recife, where we can find thousands of buildings built in this constructive process


alvenaria resistente alvenaria prÃdios âcaixÃoâ wallsâ rehabilitation engenharia civil masonry blocos cerÃmicos de vedaÃÃo reabilitaÃÃo de paredes structural masonry impeding ceramic blocks âcaixÃoâ buildings resistant masonry alvenaria estrutural

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