Incidencia de síntomas respiratorios y su asociación con contaminación atmosférica en preescolares: un análisis multinivel


Cadernos de Saúde Pública




The aim of this study was to evaluate the association between air pollution and respiratory symptoms in preschoolers from Bucaramanga, Colombia. A cohort study was conducted by reporting daily symptoms in preschoolers living in two zones of the city with different PM10 air pollution levels. Individual and neighborhood variables were included in a multilevel analysis. In 707 preschoolers followed for a year, sneezing and cough with mucus were the most frequent symptoms, with incidence rates of 277.2 and 203.3 events per 100 child months at risk. In the high pollution zone, an increase of 10µg/m3 in PM10 concentration increased the reporting of daily symptoms by 1.3. Multilevel analysis showed no statistical association between PM10 and respiratory symptoms, but asthma history, heavy traffic in front of the residence, presence of domestic pets, and dirt floors were associated with respiratory symptoms.

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