Gestão Participativa em Unidades de Conservação no Brasil: Interpretando a APA Petrópolis. / Participative Management of Conservation Units in Brazil: Interpreting the Petrópolis EPA.


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




Conservation Unit is the territorial space including the jurisdictional waters with defined limits to which conservation rules are applied. The participative management is guaranteed through the law of SNUC and the decree 4.340/2002 that possesses a chapter exclusively about Conservation Units Council. The objective of this work was to analyze the participative management in conservation Units from one case study, the one of Petrópolis EPA. The present work is organize in three chapters the first treated the mobilization process for the creation of the Petropolis EPA council. In this chapter the period was analyzed from the beginning of the mobilization for construction of the governance, making for the creation of the council in 1997 to the council officialization in 2000. Chapter II treat of the participation and the representativity of this council. In this chapter three analysis were accomplished, the first considered the criterion-stablished by the law 9.985/2000 and of the decree 4.340/2002, the second analysis was made by categories of stablishe analysis for this work that were: numbers of meetings for year; number of participants at the meetings; composition of the Council; number of institutions evvolution; relation between the number of institutions and the population; relation between number of institutions and the municipal sistrict areas belonging to the Unit; institutions not beloning to theCouncil that attend the meetings and closing this chapter, the third analysis was centered in stablished criteria by other tree authors in 2003. The criteria adopted by these author were based on the beginnings of a governance good list of the United Nations Program for the Development (PNUD). In the chapter III were analyzed the implemented actions in the Council ambit, as well as the projects and the way as happens the communication between the Councilo and the populatikon. With this Petropolis EPA Council assisted to stablished criteria for SNUC, it presented good representativity, strong participation of the civil society, however needing incentive to the frequency of institution. The Petropolis EPA Council assisted the criteria of governance good, presenting a good communication with the population.


unidades de conservação gestão participativa conselho conservacao da natureza conservation units participative management council

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