Fiction and autobiography: a comparative analysis of Thomas Bernhards narratives / Ficção e autobiografia: uma análise comparativa das narrativas de Thomas Bernhard




This work deals with the comparison of the first autobiographical volume of the Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard, Die Ursache. Eine Andeutung (1975), with his novel Auslöschung. Ein Zerfall (1986), which has some characteristics of the autobiographical genre. The comparison intends to show how the same themes are configured in both cases and how the differences can be related to the different intentions and different moments of writing. Being noted as fiction allows the author more freedom to experiment formally and to intensify the attack he developed against his origins, while in the autobiography, although it also has a strong critical aspect, he puts his arguments in a restrained way, dealing with issues of verisimilitude and authenticity, which are typical for this genre. Furthermore, this text will try to analyse how the novel, written in the same context as the autobiography, completes it and functions like a kind of remark to the autobiographical work.


ficção fiction autobiografia literatura austríaca memória coletiva thomas bernhard autobiography collective memory thomas bernhard austrian literature

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