Estudo do comportamento do coeficiente de desgaste e dos modos de desgaste abrasivo em ensaios de desgaste micro-abrasivo. / Wear coefficient and wear mode transition study in micro-abrasive wear testing.




This work presents a study on the behavior of different materials under the action of micro-abrasive wear. A micro-abrasive wear testing machine with fixed sphere was designed and constructed, presenting a mechanical configuration with differences with respect to those found in the literature (Gee et al., 2005). M2 tool steel and WC-Co P20 were used as testing specimen materials. Ball materials were cemented AISI 1010 steel and quenched and tempered AISI 52100 steel. During the tests, an abrasive slurry, prepared with black silicon carbide (SiC) particles (average particle size of 5 µm), was supplied to the contact between the specimen and the ball. Initially, preliminary tests were conducted to study the wear mode transitions that can occur during the micro-abrasive wear and to analyze the operational conditions of the equipment. The wear mode transitions were evaluated as a function of the applied normal load and of the materials used. The results indicated good reproducibility and qualitative agreement with those found in the litarature. Later, a new set of tests was conducted, which analyzed the evolution of the abrasive wear modes and the achievement of steady state wear as a function of sliding distance. The results indicated a continuous variation in the abrasive wear modes with sliding distance. Additionally, in some tests, the wear coefficient tended to stabilize in constant value, which characterizes the achievement of steady state regime. However, in other tests, the wear coefficient presented a non constant evolution of wear coefficient with the sliding distance, which denotes that the constant regime of wear was not obtained.


microabrasive wear testing wear desgaste abrasivo por rolamento mixed-mode abrasion desgaste grooving abrasion ensaio de desgaste por micro-abrasão rolling abrasion desgaste abrasivo por riscamento desgaste abrasivo misto regime permanente de desgaste constant regime of wear

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