Escrita em perspectiva: efeitos de sentido a partir das disciplinas de produção de texto




This research refers to the research line of Discourse and Educational Practice from the Post Graduation Program Master Degree in Education at FURB and goes on the direction to answer the following problem-question: which discourses about writing surround the text production subject disciplines of FURB? The objectives that direction it are: a. understand the discourses about writing that surround the text production disciplines of FURB; b. investigate how the writing is being thought on this disciplines; c. promote a reflection about the writing and its implications in academic environment. This research is related to de qualitative paradigm of investigation and has, as tools of data obtainment the analysis of the Política das Licenciaturas, that is an institutional document, an interview with one of the authors of the document, and a group interview with five students. The choice for these students was made based on the indication of a colleague of them, that did not participate on the interview. The theoretical support of this investigation are the Critical Theories of the Curriculum, the Cultural Studies and the Discourse Analysis. The research begins with a brief discussion about the history of the university and the text production subject discipline. This discussion allows the understanding the context of subjects interviewed. After that, we start the analysis of a text that describes the text production disciplines. This discipline is shared by all the teaching courses students. It means that, on each class, there are students from various teaching courses. On this point, the attention is directed to three terms of this description text textual genres, language and citizenship. The analysis of these words helped us to understand the institutional view of writing. After that, the data obtained by the group interview are analyzed. These data indicate that the students can be sharing a meaning effect about writing. This meaning effect is about the discourse that write is important. From this meaning effect, the students evoke other ones, related to the teaching courses that they attend to. These evoked meaning effects are related to a use for writing for professional aims writing for teaching - and academic aims writing related to an theoretical support and to evaluation. The data also indicates a discussion about the text production discipline being common to all teaching courses, with mixed classes. The meaning effects for writing, evoked by the students, indicates a politic position assumed by the students related to the interests of areas that they come from. This discussion instigates us to think about the text production disciplines, questioning the mixed classes configuration. The mixed classes could be causing a generic approaching of writing, taking the objectives of the courses to a second plan


análise do discurso meaning effects for writing disciplinas de produção de texto discourse analysis educacao text production disciplines efeitos de sentido para escrita

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