Enfoque etnográfico y formación docente: aportes para el trabajo de enseñanza






This paper focuses on some central characteristics of the ethnographic approach and its relevance in reflections on teachers' training. It is here presented its importance for an indepth understanding of teachers as social subjects, considering mainly their experiences - and their relationships with the social and historical contexts and networks they are part of, which build up their position as teachers. Thus, the importance of this dimension is pointed out since it makes possible the recording of a diversity that has not been extensively studied so far. Taking the category "family" as an analyzer, we specify the contributions of the ethnographic approach to teachers' training, arguing about the importance of considering this diversity of experiences lived by teachers. This may allow for a process of construction of debates, rather than of closed definitions, and a modality of work that enables a deeper understanding of the diversity present in the social world.

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