Direitos sexuais e direitos reprodutivos de adolescentes privados de liberdade : a experiência do CAJE-DF




The aim of this study was to analyze health Professional practices that act in the socio-educative institution for adolescents in rehabilitation centers, in relation to sexual and reproductive health highlighted by the principle of integrity, assistance and the Integral Protection Doctrine. The theoretic framing of the study was based on theory of emergencies, absence and in the translation of Boaventura de Souza Santos and the international juridical alignment having as reference the International Convention on Childrens Rights, the Cairo Platform, the International Womens Conference in Beijing 1995, the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Administration of Juvenile Justice. ("The Beijing Rules")., the Minimum Rules of The United Nations for youth deprived from freedom and the Principles of the United nations to Prevent Juvenile Delinquency _ RIAD Guidelines.This theoretical Mark allowed reflecting on how the Professional practices related to sexual and reproductive health are developed. It points out the approaches adopted and the way they influence the adolescents quotidian concerning the expression of their sexuality being responsible and safe. There have been developed seven semi-structured interviews recorded and transcribed with the following informer categories: psychologists, nurses, physicians, social workers, dentists and an institution manager. The content analysis was done in qualitative form. The results indicate an assistance model based practice for a fragmented disarticulated clinic. It acts as a healing pattern where the disease is the subject and the adolescent is the object. Health at the institution is not seen an integrating part of the socio-educative measure. To conclude, the study results point out the need of appropriation of Regulations 1426 and 340/SAS by the health professionals, both from the Ministry of Health. These rules draw attention to the need of working in an integrated way and with more appropriate health technologies to serve the population needs in the construction of alternatives to produce emerging processes within the institutions which are necessary to a system that offers guarantees to the rights of adolescents who are in a peculiar situation of development


práticas profissionais professional practices reproductive health saúde sexual servico social adolescentes em medida socioeducativa de internação sexual health adolescents under socio-educative intern measures saúde reprodutiva

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