Dinâmica do processo decisório em equipe: análise temporal-ambiental / Dynamic of the decisiom-making process undertaken by teams: time-environment analysis




This piece of work investigates into the dynamics of the decision-making process undertaken by teams within a certain timeframe and within environments with distinct latitudes of action. The design of this study includes a literature review on integrated models for the strategic decision-making process analysis, the decision-making process undertaken by teams and the application of the business simulator Markstrat in the field of management research. From the theoretical foundation on, it builds a time-environment model for the testing of the effective participation of the management teams to seek better organizational results. The methodology involves data gathering on the profile of the teams (previous management knowledge and risk-taking degree), on the quality of the episodic processes (transiction, action and interpersonal process) and on the results (stock value of the companies) over two specific moments of the management activity known as management episodes. The total of 442 managers who originated 89 teams divided into 17 industry sectors are undergraduates from the last year of the Business Administration program in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, enrolled in the semester-long course of Business Games, between February of 2008 and June of 2009. This research applied structural modeling via partial least squares as the multivariate statistics technique for the quantitative evaluation of the time-environment model. The main results referred to different cause-effect relations amongst the profile of the teams and their processes upon the results over the management timeframe under different environmental conditions. The most relevant contribution of this piece of work is the advancement of the integrative study about the strategic decision-making process undertaken by teams via the analysis of temporal influence by the latitude of action over the decisionmaking dynamics.


estratégia organizacional organizational strategy tomada de decisão em grupo desempenho organizacional business games jogos de empresas organizational performance team decision-making

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