Demand-side management: a case study / Gerenciamento pelo lado da demanda: um estudo de caso




This dissertations analyses a Demand-Side Management (DSM) experience at Alfenas, Minas Gerais. Although DSM is a common features of Electricity Distribution Industry in developed countries, there are few experiments reported in Brazilian literature. Most of the initiatives have been hold under PROCEL, supported by Eletrobras. To evaluate Alfenas experiment, conducted by Cemig, household survey was implemented, covering both dwellings participants and not participants of the program. The program combine demand control gadget and tariffs rebates. For those attended by the program, 82,1% declared to be satisfied with the program. And 41,0% of the not covered would be willing to join the program now and 29,5% would be willing to join in the future, if the opportunity were offered


electricity pricing gerenciamento pelo lado da demanda demand-side management tarifas de energia elétrica

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