Das invasões às fogueiras: os discursos excêntricos em Saramago e Pepetela. / From the invasions to the fires: the ex-centric speeches in Saramago and Pepetela.




Memorial do Convento a novel, by José Saramago, and A gloriosa família: o tempo dos flamengos, a novel by Pepetela, are considered new historical novels, their form has its origin in the structure of the historical novel of realistic matrix theorized by Lukács, as well as in the first new historical novels written in Cuba by Alejo Carpentier, since 1949, considering their natural differences in relation to the original contexts, for they confirm dialogues with certain elements of the tradition of novels produced in each literary system. Thus, they belong to a subgenre that provides a rupture with paradigm of historical novels in Romanticism and Realism this new form has its own characteristics, whose discourses project the dominant ideologies of the time as well as other forms of thought, which provide a counter-discourse throughout the texts, as secondary enunciator, articulated from the primary discourse. The enunciation placements, as well the configuration of the narrator reveal social places considered ex-centric, similar to the speeches that propagate in relation to the official history, which intend to paraphrase, style as well as parody. Sometimes, they deal with appropriations of canonical historical text, intending to subvert the meaning of this text into a successful discourse of historical-diegetic time elites, favoring the narrators view and excentric characters. Thus, the ex-centric discourses have themes that align with history perceived as nightmares, emphasized in both novels and unveiled by implicit inferences, as a criticism of Empires and of their values; criticism of Monopoly and its dynamics, the domination of other people and groups by brute force, the existential chaos generated by elites on the social an cultural dynamics groups submitted to the monodic ideology in comparison with other cultural forms, the emotional and material damages imposed by the elites onto lower classes: social inequalities which lead to social exclusion, among others. They bring implicit discourses about a singular forming of identities caused by a constant miscegenation or by racial or social exclusion.


compared literature literatura comparada pepetela saramago saramago carpentier new historical novel ex-centric discourse pacavira discurso excêntrico pacavira pepetela carpentier novo romance histórico

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