Current Panorama and 2025 Scenario of Photovoltaic Solar Energy in Brazil


Braz. arch. biol. technol.




Abstract The photovoltaic solar energy in Brazil was boosted by Normative Resolution No. 482/2012 of ANEEL, which regulated the micro and mini generation in the compensation system, and by the specific auctions for photovoltaic plants carried out by the federal government. However, the country still has little representation of the solar energy in its electrical matrix, about 0.13%, with approximately 1% of the installed capacity of electric power generators considering all the sources, both values refer to the year 2017. In the initial moments of a technology, its growth occurs irregularly and because there is little installed capacity, any added value can cause abrupt variations in the percentage from one year to another, that is, its growth still does not follow a sustainable standard, which should be regularized around the year 2025, following the worldwide trend of growth of approximately 30% each year. As a scenario for 2025, the total power of the PVSGC in Brazil will be approximately 75.6 GWp which will represent 98.3 TWh of electric energy produced by this source, considering the estimated electric energy demand for 2025 of 800 TWh, will result in the contribution of 12.3% of the energy by solar photovoltaic source.

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