Contadores de histórias: oficinas sobre sexualidade com adolescentes




This work analyses a public health intervention based on storytellers workshops with adolescents attended by a social and educative program in Porto Alegre city. The objective was to problematize sexuality, starting from story reading and elaboration by the teenagers. The data analysis was based on Michel Foucault studies. The teenagers expressed difficulties to establish a commitment with the proposal, referring themselves as the ones who are not capable of learning. Throughout the conversations and the stories constructions, they talked about the violent situations on daily life: the poverty, the hunger, the drugs, the street life, and the unequal treatment they receive at institution. The repertoires mixed traditional patterns related to sex/gender, translated in the desire for dating, getting married, having children and, at the same time, they used slang and ironies related to forbidden aspects of sexuality. Story workshops can be helpful as tools in educational health practices, in order to work with people who present vulnerability issues, including adolescents.


sexualidade sexuality saude coletiva oficinas de histórias story workshops adolescentes adolescents

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