Construção do termo geral da progressão aritmética pela observação e generalização de padrões




Today it has been disclosed the poor performance of High School students in learning the Algebra. On the other hand, the results of researches, such as Vale e Pimentel (2005) and Machado (2006) among others, emphasized the importance of working with the observation and generalization of patterns to develop the algebraic thinking, which can help to overcome this problem. This situation and the suggestion help me to decide to investigate if high school students in a situation of patterns observation and generalization could construct an algebraic formulation of a general term of an arithmetic progression. To collect data drafted a didactic sequence based on the assumptions of Didactic Engineering as described by Machado (2008). The didactic sequence occurred in tree sessions with the participation of some of my students, all volunteers. For the conclusion I took into account only the results of the data analysis of 11 students present at all sessions. The results led me to conclude that, although students have expressed in natural language a formula for the general term, it was not enough to convert this result for the symbolic algebraic way


generalization of patterns generalização de padrões educacao matematica arithmetic progressions alunos do ensino médio matematica -- estudo e ensino progressões aritméticas matematica students of teaching methods

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