Considerações sobre impactos socioambientais de pequenas centrais hidrelétricas (PCHs) : modelagem e análise




The goal of this dissertation is to discuss the problems and conflicts that involve the construction of Small Hydropower Plants SHPs. The evaluation between the socialenvironmental and economical factors that are embedded in the discussion was demonstrated from a systemic modeling prepared with the help of the computational tool STELLA - Structural Experimental Learning Laboratory with Animation, needed for the visualization between the components showed in the case study. So that the proposed modeling would not be merely conceptive, a field work in a Small Hydropower Plant SHP was necessary. To reach the proposed objectives, were analyzed questions that concern the small hydropower plants, such as the legislations relevant to the electric and environmental fields, the evolution of the electric field scenario, especially on what refers to the implications on the politics of alternate energy programs. New conditionals like the discussion about the global warming and the search for non-polluting and sustainable energies, incentive mechanisms for the construction of small hydropower plants and an analysis on the impacts of small plants and other hydropower plants. Based on these discussions, excels the case study of the SHP Mambaí II, located in the Northeastern part of Goiás, in the sub-basin of the Corrente river, inside the 21 sub-basin of the high Tocantins. To the modeling discussion were considered, besides the SHP Mambaí II, other six SHP that are in the sub-basin of the Corrente river and their implications on the following fields: environmental (natural and water resources), economical, social and energy, of the cities which were inserted. Among the conclusions of this dissertation is the proposition of an integrated study for the hydrographic basins, in which all the hydro-electrical gains, from the smallest to the largest, are considered. The utilization of a computational tool, with which is showed the probable future situation, can help the studies of integrated ambient impacts. Were even noticed that the construction of small hydropower plants can dynamize the local economy of isolated regions, leading to a humane development without grave implications to the environmental field, as long as the socialenvironmental issue was a high priority in the project viability and in the undertaking construction.


modeling gestão integrada modelagem ciencias biologicas integrated management small hydropower plant (shp) pequenas centrais hidrelétricas (pchs)

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