Conhecimentos de estudantes universitários sobre o conceito de função




The present thesis concerns to a study of diagnosis character, which intention was to investigate the knowledge of universitary students about the function concept. The data analysis was based in Tall and Vinner theory about image and definition concepts constituted in the formation of the student scientific thought. It was analyzed the knowledge of eight students of the Mathematics course, who study at Universidade do Estado do Pará, enrolled in the discipline Calculo I. The data, obtained by the application of a questionary and by carrying out some interventions, were compared with others of similar researches (national and international ones). It was indicated that there were elements compounding image and definition concepts of researched subjects about function concept, which were not coherently related to the formal concept and with some similarity with those of the subjects investigated in the other researches


definition concept function função matematica matematica -- estudo e ensino image concept conceito imagem conceito definição educacao matematica

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