Computation of voltage stability margins of power systems / Obtenção da margem minima de estabilidade de tensão de sistemas eletricos de potencia




This work presents a new and fast method for computing the minimum voltage stability margin of electric power systems. The computation of the voltage stability margin (VSM) is often required for the planning and operation of power systems. Usually, loads are increased along a predefined direction, which can be estimated based on historical data or load forecast (e.g. with constant power factor, followed by a proportional MW generation increase) up to the system s maximum loading point is reached. The computation of the minimum VSM (mVSM) allows obtaining the load increase worst scenario. Also, situations may occur where variations from the predefined load increase direction, as for example, an unexpected load increase at some bus or area, may result in smaller VSM, taking the system to an insecure operating state. The aim of this work is to propose a new and fast method to compute the mVSM? and the corresponding load increase direction for which it occurs. This information, along with the usual VSM, allows operators to take measures like preventive control actions to move the system to securer operating points. Also a general study of critical areas is shown in order to identify the weakest region and bus that are contributing to the loss of voltage stability. It is possible to _nd the best control actions, like load curtailment or reactive compensation


preventive control voltage profile power system security programação não-linear controle preditivo voltage stability voltage stability margin sistemas de energia eletrica - estabilidade sistemas de segurança controle em tempo real real time operation

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