Clinic and electromyographic evaluation of masticatory muscles in military policemen with TMD before and after use of occlusal splints / Avaliaçao clinica e eletromiografica de musculos da mastigação, em policiais militares com DTM, antes e apos o uso de dispositivos inter-oclusais




Introduction: The Temporo-Mandibular Dysfunction is an articular disease from multifactorial causes that appear in very people, especially when exposed in high stress, like military policemen. The mean of present study was investigate, in military policemen, clinical and eletromyographic, the behavior of the temporal, masseter and suprahioideos muscles in patients with TMD, before and after use of different occlusal appliances, on four weeks. Subjects and Methods: It was evaluated 905 military policemen, and it was observed that 256 volunteers had DTM. It was selected thirty volunteers with myogenic TMD wich halved in inclusion criterions, and divided random into three groups, being one with no occlusal device (control ? group A), one with the use of Michigan s bite plates (group B) and another one with use of Planas appliance (group C). Results: The eletromyographics results were significant (p<0,05) in the anterior portion of the left temporal muscle during the maximal voluntary contraction of the group C. However, in the clinical exam regarding the reduction of the sensibility to palpation, the group C was significant (p<0,05) in the left temporal, centre fibers of the right temporal and right masseter muscles. In the group B it was observed significant in the anterior fibers of the right and left temporal muscles. In Analogical Visual Scale of pain, in the group B there was significant (p<0,005) and, in the group C there was strong significant (p<0,001) in the reduction of the pain. This way, it concludes that Planas appliance showed be one more important accessory in Temporomandibular Disfunction s treatment. Conclusion: It concluded that there is a high index of Temporomandibular Disfunction in Policemen, mainly in women; the use of OA showed good results in the remission of the muscle pain in TMD


electromiography articulação temporomandibular pain eletromiografia dor muscles temporomandibular joint

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