ClassificaÃÃo automÃtica de cardiopatias baseada em eletrocardiograma




This work is dedicated to study of the recognition and classification of cardiac disease, diagnosised through the electrocardiogram â ECG. This examination is normally used in heart medical center, emergency, intensive therapy, and with complement diagnosis in heart disease as: acute myocardium infarction, bundle block branches, hypertrophy and others. The software was developed for support to the model, with focus on extraction of ECG signal characteristics, and an artificial neural network for recognition of diseases. For extraction these characteristics, we have used a auto-regressive model, AR, with the algorithm least mean square LMS, to minimize the minimum error. The neural network, with architecture multilayer perceptron and back propagation algorithm of training, was chosen for the recognition of the standards. The method was showed efficient.


modelo ar - modelo matemÃtico auto-regressivo rna - artifitial neural network eletrocardiografia cardiopatia - doenÃa que acomete o coraÃÃo ecg - electrocardiograph, no invasive examination of the cardiac electric signals ar model - auto-regressive model coraÃÃo - doenÃas - diagnÃstico ecg - eletrocardiograma, exame nÃo invasivo dos sinais elÃtricos cardÃacos rna - rede neural artificial cardiopathy - heart disease engenharia eletrica

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