Chamaecrista Moench. Seções Apoucouita, Chamaecrista e Xerocalyx (Leguminosae - "Caesalpinioideae") na Serra do Cipó, Minas Gerais / Chamaecrista Moench sections Apoucouita, Chamaecrista e Xerocalyx (Leguminosae - "Caesalpinioideae") in the Serra do Cipó, Minas Gerais




The principal objective of this dissertation is to contribute to the survey and project Flora da Serra do Cipó, which is being conducted in the southern Espinhaço Range. It was made through a taxonomic study of the species of the genus Chamaecrista section Apoucouita, Chamaecrista and Xerocalyx (Leguminosae-"Caesalpinioideae"), which are found in that area. "Caesalpinioideae" (Leguminosae) is a subfamily with about 163 genera and 2250 species, distributed principally in South America, tropical Africa and southwest Asia. Chamaecrista is one of biggest genera of Caesalpinioideae, with about 330 species, divided in six section (Absus, Apoucouita, Caliciopsis, Chamaecrista, Grimaldia e Xerocalyx), all of which occur in Brazil. The survey of the species was done through a consult of bibliographies; herbaria with collections of materials from Serra do Cipó and field trips. In that area 15 species were found, comprising the sections Apoucouita (1 sp.), Chamaecrista (11 spp.) e Xerocalyx (3 spp.). In Chapter 1, keys of identification, morphological descriptions, illustrations, data about geographic distribution, habitat, phenology and taxonomic commentaries are present in the monographic. Chapter 2, deals with an analysis of patterns of geographical distribution of the species of Chamaecrista ser. Coriaceae, a group that stood out during the compilation of data, being practically restricted to Espinhaço Range. During the execution of the work, we need to clarify some taxonomic problems found that led to the realization of a more detailed analysis of morphology with emphasis on the leaflet venation presented here as Chapter 3.


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