Certificação de origem através da Indicação Geográfica para o café Cerrado Goiano / Certification of origin through the Geographical Indication for coffee "Cerrado Goiano


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




Although the coffee cropping in the State of Goiás is more recent and the produced volumes are lower among the traditional coffee producers in Brazil, it presents both climate and soil characteristics similar to those of the savannah in Minas Gerais. This research was carried out to evaluate the viability of the certification for coffee cropping in the State of Goiás, in order that other coffees in the world such as Ethiopia, Colombia, Guatemala and Costa Rica decided for protection through the intangible assets - Geographical Indication. So, either secondary data of the production and primary ones collected in semi-structured interviews with entrepreneurs, coffee growers and agencies accrediting the quality of the coffee: the SCAA (American Association of Special Coffees) and BSCA (Association of Brazilian Special Coffees) that uses the methodology of SCAE (European Association of Special Coffees), besides interviews with entrepreneurs of the coffee industry in the state. The financial-economical data and conditionings to certification were analyzed in order to discuss the obstacles and possibilities to adaptation of either coffee growing and processing sector as aiming at certification. It was inferred that the goianos coffee growers selected in the research presented, in the last years, the highest productivity rates among all Brazilian states, that are rates above the national average. In Goiás, the average cost of the green coffee production is still superior to that produced in the Savanna at Minas Gerais State. It is concluded that the industry link has higher portion of the gross margin with 40% appropriation on the retail price of the product, followed by the link distribution with 31% and the link production with 29%. Concerning to the net income earned by producer, it was found to be higher for the Peeled Cherry with 36%, Hard 19%, Green 19% and Rouy 7% above the final price. The stamp Café do Cerrado is the most complete among all certifications that were analyzed, since it certifies both origin and quality of the coffee whereas internationally promoting the brand. The other certifiers guarantee the quality of the product from several Brazilian areas and from the world, as possessing sensorial characteristics and several production methods.


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