Capital social em uma comunidade do meio oeste catarinense




The relationship between social capital and development, puts the concept in the academic calendar, in the formulation of public policies and development projects of international organizations. However, this growing debate is still modest when seen in the scientific literature on the subject, especially in terms of examining the dimensions of social capital, its production and expression in Brazil within the conceptual approach adopted in this dissertation. Social capital is understood in this study, as described by Menegasso (2006), as the property generated by social and political articulation of a particular community, through groups and networks governed by trust and solidarity, collective action and cooperation, communication and access to information, empowerment and collective action, social cohesion and inclusion, in order to promote the common good to its members and the self in a sustainable way. The proposal is to study the manifestation of social capital and its dimensions in a community, with the overall objective to raise the capital in the community Vila Campina da Alegria, the municipality of Vargem Bonita, in Santa Catarina. The completion of the research involved the following steps: a) literature search, b) documentary research, c) application of a questionnaire. The results indicated that the weak dimensions of social capital in Vila Campina da Alegria are those related to the Trust and Solidarity and the Social Cohesion and Inclusion. The other dimensions: Groups and Networks, Collective Action and Cooperation, Information and Communication, Empowerment and political action are better consolidated. It was possible to obtain that Vila Campina da Alegria shows stronger levels of social capital, providing a scenario that favors the exercise of democracy, strengthens the result of actions taken by private investments and increases the participation and influence in the implementation of population public policies


community development capital social (sociologia) comunidade social capital administracao desenvolvimento desenvolvimento social santa catarina desenvolvimento social joaçaba (sc) capital social

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