Avaliação de beneficios ambientais devido a certificação segundo ISO 14001 : um estudo de caso




Environrnental problems caused by economical growth have been calling the attention of society, mainly because of the history of industrial waste emissions and local accidents, which have not only caused great damage to Nature but have also affected the lives of many people over the last century. This issue has led to the creation of a set of Intemational Rules by the ISO-Intemational Organization for Standardization, called ISO 14000 series. Its regulation is called ISO 14001 and it is the only one that allows certification. Its goal is the creation of Environrnental Policies and the implementing of an Environrnental Management System (EMS) in industries and business and service enterprises, giving priority to environrnental goals which can cope with environmental laws and continuously enhance environmental performance. These regulations, however, have some weak points concerning their efectiveness, because market features have been overwhelming the environmental performance enhancement, which should be the major goal of these regulations. The purpose of this paper is to seek quantitative data in certified enterprises which can show the efectiveness of ISO 1400I Norm in environrnental gains and enhancement. For such, a case study methodology was used because of the few accessing possibilities to certified enterprises information. This research has gathered and discussed data from two enterprises in Campinas region, in petrochemical and mechanical areas, and one enterprise from Baixada Santista region, metallurgy area. Besides results presentation and discussion, a critical positioning is presented concerning the researched enterprises, the environmental fiscalization organ and also concerning the ISO 14001 itself, which has some items which lead to ambivalent interpretation that can affect the efectiveness in environrnental gains and also its accountability


controle de poluição - industria politica ambiental monitoramento ambiental

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