Aplicabilidade de sílica mesoporosa ordenada como adjuvante imunológico / Applicability of ordered mesoporous silica as immunologic adjuvant




This work consisted of an evaluation, from a physical standpoint, of the applicability of SB.4-15 type ordered rnesoporous silica as an inmunological adjuvant. The method of preparation and reproducibility of the material properties were initially studied. Those conditions are necessary to synthesize large quantities of the material (N 100g). Vacuum calcination, whem compared to the process executed in A5 and air, results in a better ordered mesoporous structure. For biological applications, the potential to encapsulate antigens in the material was analyzed through studies of incorporation of Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) and vaccine for Hepatitis A. A successful incorporation of BSA in the silica was observed, with that protein being lodged inside the porous structure. A similar result was obtained for the vaccine for Hepatitis A. The most efficient incorporation process was determined by keeping the solution at rest and drying it through evaporation. The applicability of silica as an immunological adjuvant for animal use was evaluated through PIXE analyses of the silicon accumulation in mices organs. Silica was administrated to Swiss mice through oral and intramuscular ways and the silicon content of different organs was compared to the figures of the control group. The silica´s presence was detected on certain organs, and it was completely eliminated after 70 days. Besides that, toxicological studies accomplished at the Butantan Institute showed that the silica is efficient for inductíon of humoral response and it is non-toxic.


sakrd saxs saxko pixe silica adjuvante imunológico immunologic adjuvant sílica pixe saks

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