Análise do desempenho luminoso através de uma janela em sacada : estudo comparativo para os climas de Maceió, Brasil e Valparaíso, Chile.




This present dissertation focuses on the study of the daylight performance produced by the use of Bow Window in the residential sector. The system Bow Window is a simply designed window facing outward from the façade. Moreover this architectural element is influenced by a multitude of cultural trends and imported from various parts of the world. Nowadays in Chile the use of such windows has been largely used, regardless of the climatic aspects. Similarly, in Brazil, these architectural elements been used in the same way. The investigation has considered the Bow Window as a space in between more likely as a intermedium space, therefore the focus of this research project is to contribute to the daylight performance of the above named spaces. The methodology used involves the comparative study between Bow Window and simple window in dwellings in two cities; Maceió, Brazil and Valparaíso, Chile. In addition to this, the methodology includes the analysis of vertical and horizontal solar protection.The study was carried out using software as the main tool TropLux. The base case was a room model including Bow Window in its configuration. From the results can be concluded that the Bow Window contribute to the daylight uniformity within the model, due it can decrease the high iluminance in the closest areas near to the studied window when compared with a standard window. Furthermore, the horizontal and vertical sun protections applied to Bow Window have shown to be useful to decrease the high daylight levels, particularly in the areas with higher solar radiation according to the Bow Window orientation and hourly transition.


janela em sacada clima de maceió, brasil daylighting simulação computacional bay windows conforto visual bow windows computational simulation climate of maceió, brazil windows climate of valparaíso, chile troplux clima de valparaíso, chile iluminação natural troplux visual comfort janelas arquitetura e urbanismo

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