Análise da produção científica dos pesquisadores em Ciência da Informação nos periódicos brasileiros




This research is a study of the Scientific Production of the researchers involved in Information Science Post Graduation courses all around Brazil. The main objective was analyze the scientific production of those docent researchers of Information Science related to scientific periodicals, in the last nine years, subdivided into an analysis of three periods, containing three years each, all related to CAPES Qualis program. The research aimed identify the active researchers, the research related articles and the preferable topics methods used by the researchers involved in the Information Science. The methodology used to accomplish the proposed objective, includes qualitative and quantitative procedures. The data swabbed was, in its majority, done in web-sites related to CAPES post graduation programs, in its Lattes platform of CNPq, and in the searched periodicals. Twelve specific Information Science periodicals were identified, and two interdisciplinary, out of 128 docents researchers, that produced a total of 376 related articles in 14 periodical. As a result, 16 articles were filtered and published. The favorite thematic, according to Donald T. Hawkins Science Information Taxonomic table, were classified. Within 8,6% of the total, the most researched theme was Communication Science, that integrates the classification of Distribution and Editorial Production. In second place, within 7,5%, were the thematic included in the classification of Information Science Research. The acquired results show an effort, by the researchers, into a grater research commitment and into an enhance of scientific articles divulgation. But on the other hand, although the researches have shown increases in commitment, divulgation, and number of researchers, it is still necessary to intensify the compromise with an improvement of the number of researches and articles divulgated, by researchers and post graduation programs


ciência da informação teses. comunicação na ciencia teses. periódicos periódicos brasileiros teses.

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