Alianças estratégicas na incorporação imobiliária paulistana




The main interest in this study is to identify and understand the formation of strategic alliances in the Real Estate development business. Although strategic cooperation is not a new phenomenon, its importance and need for further research within the strategic framework has been intensified for the last 25 years. This might be happening due to the increasing urge for establishing strategic criteria for understanding the inter-firm relationships that have been settled to help firms in their search for strategic objectives through cooperation. It is important to understand the aspects of these alliances, because they create advantages that can be beneficial to the firms involved. The Real Estate industry is a very important sector of the Brazilian economy, presenting many economic effects, along with a huge impact over social and environmental issues. Over the last couple of years, the sector has been through a lot of changes, due to the implementation of an interesting set of laws and public policies that enhances the importance of the role of the strategic alliances in a more dynamic environment, as this form of cooperation is capable of transforming and redefining the mere nature of the competition between firms, as seen in the academic literature. This study aims to investigate the motivations that lead firms in the Real Estate development market in São Paulo to form strategic alliances, as well as to analyze their forms and types, considering their characteristics, objectives, evolution and outcomes. A brief review of the major themes of strategic alliances embedded in the economic and organizational theories is presented,supplemented by a review of the pertinent characteristics of the Real Estate development market in São Paulo. A multi-case study was implemented and the qualitative analysis suggest that the motivation to form a strategic alliance correlates to the fact of its being vertical or horizontal and indicates that it might be related to the services industry.


administracao gestão estratégica incorporação imobiliária construction strategic management alianças estratégicas strategic alliances cooperation real estate development desenvolvimento imobiliário real estate competition construção civil cooperação services serviços

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