Adoção da gestão ambiental em empresas da construção civil: estudos de casos múltiplos


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




This study has as one of the objectives to analyze the posture of the administrators of the building industry in the development of your strategies and actions in the efficient use of natural resources and in the control of the pollution generated by your activities, other objective is to verify if the model of environmental administration Cleaner Production is applicable for the companies of the building industry. For such, it was used as research strategy the method of study of multiple cases with the choice of three companies of the building industry placed among the largest than act in the city of São Paulo. The results of the research show that the administrators of the analyzed companies possess knowledge of the need of the environmental preservation inside of an ecological purpose, however, nor all get to visualize as a current competitive advantage inside of a purpose of the marketing. However, only the company that, strategically, it transformed the environmental subject in competitive advantage, it possesses an institutional image of correct company and it has the benefit of to act in customers niches that join value to the environmental preservation. The results still show, that certain characteristics of the analyzed companies, as the concentrated attention on the operational efficiency and the development of technological solutions, it take the an approach of the model of environmental administration Cleaner Production. By and large, for a larger approach, those companies need to treat the environmental subjects in a preventive way, dividing the focus of the production with the neede of the environmental preservation, and together, to intensify actions of environmental education for your stakeholders. Therefore, it is possible to affirm that the model Cleaner Production is applicable to the companies of the building industry analyzed, could become an important tool in the evolutionary process of environmental preservation in those companies.


indústria de construção civil - estudo de casos administração ambiental modelo de gestão ambiental produção mais limpa administracao de empresas environmental management

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