Active OWL - uma arquitetura para integrar serviços web e ontologias




Several proposals have been made to specify semantics to existing web services. A common approach in these proposals is that they try to specify the semantics of web services that were built a priori by making use of ontologies that were also specified a priori. In this work, we propose the construction of web services and ontologies altogether so that the arguments and results of a web service correspond to instances and properties of the ontology associated with that web service. We define the concept of Active Ontologies, i.e. ontologies that have mechanisms (web services associated with them) that insert and delete, dynamically and temporarily, individuals and property values in their specification. In the specific case of ontologies modeled in OWL, it is presented an implementation of the Active Ontologies concept called Active OWL. In Active OWL, classes and properties are annotated by linking them with web services that are responsible for retrieving, inserting, and retracting individuals from the given ontology.


arquitetura de computadores - dissertaÇÕes sistemas de informacao internet e ontologia - dissertaÇÕes ontologia - dissertaÇÕes

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