Ação estratégica e mudança institucional: o caso do pré-sal.


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The symbiotic relationship between Brazilian state and Petrobras precede the creation of the firm itself. As far as 1997 represents the end of the state monopoly over the oil industry activities, 2003 symbolizes a shift in the government atitude regarding its largest company. This relationship became closer in a way that Petrobras representatives, together with some Ministeries and ANP, took part on the recent discussion regarding the regulation of the Brazilian Petroleum industries and defined the regulatory model of the area. Considering this background, it seems of scientific relevance to better understand the role of Petrobras in the changes of the Pre-salt regulatory model using a stratigic analysis. Even further, it was significant to identify if the results of this model were intentionally related to the Companys atitude or were better related to external pressure (playing of the Federal Government). Based on the initial assumptions, the aim of this study was analysing the role of institutional factors, internal factors (Companys resources) and industries factors in shaping the Petrobras participation in the proposal of the new regulatory model (Law projects n. 5.938 a 5.941, 2009). It was also intended to investigate which of these factors were overhelmed in the changes of this rules. This study discuss, based on its findings, that Petrobras participation in the drafting of the new model became a reality based on the convergence of institutional (IBV) and internal factors (RBV). This study proved to be an opportunity to gain more knowledge about the relationship between Petrobras and the Government, to identify and better understand specific aspects of the Brazilian regulatory experience, as well as test the applicability of strategic perspectives in the analysis of real organizational situations.


modelo regulatório da indústria do petróleo perspectivas estratégicas tripé da estratégia visão baseada na indústria visão baseada nos recursos visão baseada nas instituições petroleum industry regulation model strategic perspectives strategy tripod industry based view resource based view institution based view administracao de empresas

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