A reforma da atenção ao doente mental em Campinas : um espaço para a terapia ocupacional




This study is about the changing process of the assistance of the mentally ill people, which happened in the city of Campinas, São Paulo, during the period of 1989-1991, when there was suggeted the creation of new policies for the area. Analysing the principIes that oriented that proposal, there were found themes and issues brought up by former Social Movements, sush as the Sanitary Reform and the fight against traditional psychiatric hospitals. There also have been found similarities with other experiences that went in the direction of dehospitalization, deinstitutionalization and regionalized actions of attention to the mentally ill. The particularity of that study was recovering the history of the experience happened in Campinas, through the analysis of documents and testimonies of their social actors, indicating the conflicts and contradictions that appeared along that trajectory. It was focused the relevance and proper manner of some events happened (here studied as analysers devices), that functioned as provoking factors of the changes in the subjectivity of the actors involved. This was the major contribution for the creation and implementation of new mental health policy in Campinas. It was emphasized the opportunity and suitable incorporation of the theoretical and practical tooIs of occupational therapy to deal with the mentally sick. This was done with the purpose of improving their quality. of life and well-being, including new procedures to the already existing practices and also by the development of new services. Finally it was considered that Occupational Therapy as a profission and area of knowledge is an essential element to the effectiveness of the changes in the paradigmas related to the way of caring people, and an important resource of the process it self of re-orientation of the intra institutional relations.


saude mental terapia ocupacional saude publica

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