The reflective practice in initial teacher of english / A prática reflexiva na formação inicial do professor de inglês




This research investigates the contributions of the reflective teaching to pre-service English teacher education and it is justified by the need of discussing the perspectives to language teaching education in Brazil. From both qualitative analytical-descriptive and analytical-interpretative methods, it aims at identifying the kind of reflection made by three pre-service English teachers during their experience on internship. It seeks to check if the reflections move theoretical references and if there can be changes in teachers‟ behavior when it comes to their teaching practice through reflection. The theoretical references used are Pimenta &Lima (2002) concerning teachers‟ internship; Huberman (1995) and Hughes (1996) concerning the profile of beginning teachers; Dewey (1933), Schön (1982), Perrenoud (2002), Liston &Zeichner (1996) and Alarcão (2003) concerning the definition for reflective teacher.


formação inicial educacao english language teacher professor de inglês pre-service education prática reflexiva reflective teaching

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