A nova ordem jurídica internacional e o controle de constitucionalidade de tratados pelo direito brasileiro




As the globalization unfolds there seems to be the formulation of a proper scenario which frames a new international legal order. Within this new world the sovereign states will not fulfill its total independency as related to other members of the international community. On the contrary, every sovereign state will be quite attached to the other sovereign states. Consequently, some traditional concepts are falling apart, as for sovereignty itself, which has been for so long getting away from the reality we live. This new era within which International Law presently lives has as implication its own strengthened, especially when opposed to local legislation. Notwithstanding this fact, the authors on Constitutional Law remain loyal to the supremacy of the Constitution, whose paramount importance is stressed as an important test of validity of the International Law.


federal constitution of 1988 controle de constitucionalidade direito constitucional tratados; tratados internacionais; controle da constitucionalidade nova ordem jurídica internacional direito constitucional constituição federal de 1988 international treaties soberania control of constitutionality sovereignty new international legal order

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