A mensagem por trás da imagem: estudo de tatuagens à luz da análise do discurso




This work approaches the evolution of tattoos from the first evidences of their existence to the present time and it also shows the different uses in each culture as a resource to express different messages on someones body. It discusses, through the Discourse Analysis theory, the Ideology, discourse and Subject concepts. Culture and Identity are also examined in order to provide an analysis to prove if there is a specific tattoo type according to the sex and age of the tattooed person, as well as the reason a person decides for a definite tattoo. Based on the analysis of a questionnaire sent by internet, we listed the most common tattoos in the group of volunteers who answered it. We also analyzed the Gerative Sense Course, i.e., the fundamental, narrative and discursive levels in the discourse of each tattoo according to the French Discourse Analysis theory. This work is concluded with the comments about the achieved results and analyses the tattoo as a group identity element and as a symbol of freedom of the contemporary men and women.


identidade discourse analysis linguistica ideology cultura análise do discurso tattoo tatuagem ideologia identity culture

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